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February 17, 2015

Coldplay Star Makes 15-Year Pledge to Curate Benefit Shows

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has made a 15-year commitment to use his considerable connections in rock and pop music to curate festivals put on by anti-poverty group Global Citizen, writes the Associated Press. The charity has held star-studded concerts aimed at spurring activism among audience members annually in Central Park since 2012 and plans to take the model worldwide.

The length of Mr. Martin's pledge mirrors the timeline of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to reduce poverty and protect the environment. "I always felt that as musicians we show up for a day, and we really believe what we are talking about, but then the next day we have our own concerns as do all of you," he told reporters Friday. "So it just felt like if the United Nations is signing up for something for 15 years, then we should too."