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April 06, 2015

Comcast Beneficiaries Line Up to Back Big Cable Merger

Scores of charities and policy institutes that have received money from Comcast have taken stands in favor of the company's proposed takeover of fellow cable giant Time Warner, The New York Times writes. More than 80 community and civil rights groups that have collectively gotten millions of dollars from the Comcast Foundation in the past five years have endorsed the merger, on which the Federal Communications Commission is collecting public comment.

Americans for Tax Reform, the American Enterprise Institute, and other think tanks that have been beneficiaries of Comcast's giving have also submitted statements to the FCC urging the federal government to approve the deal. David L. Cohen, Comcast's lobbying and public-relations chief, said the firm's giving is "based on the quality of the work [recipients] do in the community" and is not contingent on support for its business agenda.