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January 05, 2016

Common Core Fight Embroiled Big Donors and Top Executives

Fortune examines the roles big business and big philanthropy played in developing the Common Core standards for public-school curricula and how they responded when the widely adopted guidelines sparked a largely conservative-led backlash.

Much of the country's corporate establishment strongly backed the standards, arguing that they would improve students' reading, math, and science performance and give them the skills businesses needed to compete globally. Firms such as Intel, ExxonMobil, and General Electric directed their philanthropy to the cause, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation played a key role in crafting and implementing Common Core, which the Obama administration backed.

The article details how, after it was adopted by 45 states, Common Core came to be viewed in right-wing circles as a corporate and federal takeover of schools, embroiling its business and philanthropic supporters in a bitter political fight that saw Republican leaders withdraw support for the standards and some companies, including GE, retreat from their backing.

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