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January 15, 2015

Conservative Nonprofit Takes Up Mantle of Campaign Reform

A group of Republican strategists has formed a new nonprofit organization aimed at reducing the influence of wealthy donors on political races, taking up an issue that has become associated with liberal groups and anathema to conservatives, writes The Washington Post.

Take Back Our Republic, which officially launched Wednesday, said it will advocate for greater transparency for large political donations and promote "market solutions" to raise the impact of small contributors, like tax breaks for donations of $600 or less. The group is headed by conservative consultant John Pudner, and its leaderships also includes GOP operatives Mark McKinnon and Juleanna Glover.

Republicans have fought efforts to restrict political giving and rein in politically active nonprofits, which are not required to disclose donors and have become a major source of campaign cash, primarily in support of conservatives. Mr. McKinnon called the issue one his party "abandoned to Democrats at our expense," adding, "I’ve seen increasingly a real problem with not just a perception but a reality that Republicans are too closely wed to monied interests."