May 05, 2010

Making Change: How All Charities Can Improve the Common Good

Robert Egger

Discussions in the nonprofit world often focus on the skills charities need to be effective.

But, too often, conversations do not focus on the bigger questions that motivate their work: to improve social conditions.

What steps can nonprofit organizations and individuals take to create social change?

In the first episode of the new podcast series Making Change, Hildy Gottlieb, the host, explores those questions—and many others—in a conversation with Robert Egger, founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen, in Washington.


Hildy Gottlieb is the founder of the Community-Driven Institute and author of The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing Nonprofit Organizations to Create the Future of Our World.

In this podcast, Making Change, she interviews leaders to discuss how those who are working for the greater good seek to create social change. Please e-mail your thoughts and ideas on this podcast to Ms. Gottlieb. New episodes of Making Change appear on the second Thursday of every month.

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