December 03, 2012

Creative Ideas for Year-End Fundraising Online

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As charities increasingly attempt to raise money online, it is getting more difficult to grab the attention of potential donors.

And that challenge becomes greater during the year-end fundraising season, when the volume of online messages from retailers and charities grows.

But John Murphy, chief executive of the Zuri Group, a technology company that works with nonprofits, says nonprofits can use simple, creative tactics to draw attention.

For instance, Mr. Murphy says some groups have been able to draw online visitors by asking them a question on Facebook that prompts them to search their Web sites for the answer.

While they're searching, the online visitors learn about the organization and are exposed to messages prompting them to give.

The strategy has helped Heifer International appeal to some of its most casual supporters, giving them small charity-branded gifts for correct answers about the organization's mission, says Casey Neese, the group's social-media manager.

"It's a very low barrier for entry for the folks who like our page," Mr. Neese says.

In this episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Neese share advice for online year-end fundraising efforts, including using tools like YouTube, Animoto videos, Google Alerts, and more.

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