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August 15, 2014

CrowdRise Enlists Star Power to Drive Charity Fundraising

CrowdRise, the online fundraising business led by former Hollywood executive Shauna Robertson and her husband, actor Edward Norton, has drawn $150-million for nonprofits since its launch in 2010 and expects to take in another $100-million by the end of the year, The Hollywood Reporter writes in a special section on show business philanthropy.

Many CrowdRise efforts take advantage of the founding couple's industry connections, with stars like Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Olivia Wilde, and Paul Rudd running or pitching for fundraisers. Ms. Robertson said the site's low overhead and informality, compared to the high-profile galas that make up much Hollywood philanthropy appeals to celebrity campaigners.

The special section also includes several articles featuring stars talking about their primary causes as well as articles on next year's Los Angeles Special Olympics and why some celebrities are persona non grata as charity spokesmen.