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December 30, 2016

Daily News Roundup: $140 Million From Gates Backs Anti-HIV Implant

Gates Foundation Putting $140 Million Into Device to Fight AIDS: The package of investment and grant funding backs work by Boston biotech company Intarcia Therapeutics to develop its "mini pump," an implant that delivers drugs internally for diabetes patients and shows promise for preventing HIV infection in Africa, reports The Boston Globe.

Emerging Tech Donors Changing Bay Area Charities: Some groups are successfully adopting the data-crunching, results-focused modus operandi of Silicon Valley moguls and their businesses, but many nonprofits are ill-equipped to meet the demands of the new breed of tech philanthropists, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. Read a Chronicle article about a new study of how Silicon Valley donors give.

IRS Clamps Down on Land-Gift Deals Pitched for Tax Avoidance: The Internal Revenue Service is more aggressively flagging so-called syndicated conservation easements, in which investors are solicited to buy properties that are then donated to nonprofits or land trusts, yielding tax deductions that can far exceed the initial investment, The Wall Street Journal (subscription) reports.

Opinion: Aid Community Wrestles With Question, "Why Not Cash?": A growing body of research suggesting direct cash transfers to needy people effectively alleviate poverty is challenging tenets of modern giving, which emphasizes top-down aid programs and presumes nonprofits and donors know better than recipients how to spend charitable funds, philanthropy historian Benjamin Soskis writes in The Atlantic.

Opinion: IRS Can't Deny Charity Status to "Hate Groups": Numerous court rulings demonstrate that "viewpoint discrimination in tax exemptions is unconstitutional" even if much of the public finds the viewpoint abhorrent, writes Eugene Volokh, a law professor who blogs on First Amendment issues for The Washington Post, in response to media reports on such organizations getting nonprofit status. Read a Chronicle article on tax-exempt "hate groups."