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November 28, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Big Cities Say They Will Fight Trump on Deportations

City Leaders Vow to Defy Trump’s Immigration Policy: Mayors of Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities say they will not cooperate with the incoming president’s plans for large-scale deportation, putting at risk millions of dollars in federal support for social services, writes The New York Times.

Ore. Faith Charity Accused of Helping Others Evade Taxes: South Beach Missions in Portland has drawn Justice Department scrutiny for its work registering religious nonprofits, The Oregonian reports. Federal authorities allege the organization’s primary aim is to help people set up ostensibly faith-based charities to shield assets from taxation.

“Free-Market Philanthropy” Comes to Fore in Silicon Valley: Billionaire moguls like Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker are applying the tools and techniques of tech startups to large-scale investments in medical research and social change in ways that could profoundly effect the future of giving, BuzzFeed News writes.

Arts Emerges as Growth Area for Impact Investing: Investors seeking to combine social goals with financial returns are finding new outlets such as Upstart Co-Lab to channel capital to artists and culture organizations that tackle social issues and foster growth in their communities, New York Times wealth columnist Paul Sullivan writes. Read a Chronicle article about Upstart Co-Lab and its founder, Laura Callanan.

Mich. Drops Bill to Limit Towns on Taxing Nonprofits: Legislation introduced earlier this year to expand the state’s criteria for what constitutes a charity and prevent municipalities from seeking to tax qualifying groups will not move forward this year, Crain’s Detroit Business reports. The measure aimed to address growing efforts by local governments to collect revenue on nonprofit-owned property.