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November 08, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Food Banks Try Supermarket Tactic to Push Healthy Eating

Food Pantries Test "Nudging" Clients Toward Nutritional Fare: Food banks across the country are getting good results from using the grocery-store tactic of “nudging” — prominently displaying certain products near checkouts or at the ends of aisles — to encourage clients to make healthier choices, according to NPR.

$357 Million Siemens Software Gift Boosts Engineering at Clemson: The in-kind donation aims to improve job prospects for engineering students by training them on Siemens product-management tools used at tens of thousands of manufacturing companies worldwide, reports The Greenville News.

Questions and Answers on Improving 403(b) Plans: A New York Times financial column offers advice for nonprofit employees on getting a better deal on their retirement accounts. The piece is the last of five in a series on 403(b)s, which Your Money columnists Ron Lieber and Tara Siegel Bernard say are often marked by high fees and middling investment options.

Creative Agency Offers Alternative to Mishmash Charity Logos: Marketing firm Thinkso’s annual "design sprints" provide one-day, pro bono branding makeovers to small nonprofits, Fast Company writes. The effort aims to replace DIY logos built around acronyms and clip art with professional designs that better reflect a group’s mission and message.

Opinion: Cronyism in Board Recruiting Must Stop: Curbing charity trustees’ common practice of tapping friends and family to fill open seats is a crucial step in building more diverse and knowledgeable boards, a nonprofit consultant writes in a piece in The Guardian that offers tips on improving recruitment and stamping out cronyism.