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April 14, 2017

Daily News Roundup: GOP Eyes Tax Bill for Johnson Amendment Repeal

Tax Overhaul Could Be Vehicle to End Charity-Politicking Ban: House Republicans are writing a repeal of the Johnson Amendment — the law, strongly opposed by President Trump, that bars charities and churches from endorsing political candidates — into a sweeping package of tax changes rather than taking the more legislatively difficult route of a stand-alone bill, according to The Washington Post. Read a Chronicle story on the Johnson Amendment debate.

Ford Investment Chair Comes Around on Impact Investing: New York Times business columnist James B. Stewart looks at the foundation's decision to plow $1 billion in endowment funds into mission-related investments, focusing on how Peter Nadosy, the Wall Street veteran who leads Ford's investment committee, journeyed from skepticism to support of the plan.

Charities Sticking With Mar-a-Lago for Big Fundraising Events: Following a post-election backlash against groups holding galas at President Trump's Florida estate, most charities with histories at Mar-a-Lago plan to return next winter, with some leaders and donors saying the site's added allure as the "winter White House" boosts ticket sales, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Trump Signs Measure Letting States Block Planned Parenthood Funds: The resolution narrowly passed by the Senate last month undoes an Obama administration rule that required states to distribute federal family-planning money to any qualified health provider, the Associated Press writes. Several Republican-led states have sought to deny such funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

Veterans a Focus of Bill O'Reilly's Philanthropy: The New York Times details the embattled Fox News star's charitable activity, including millions of dollars in grants through his foundation and on-air endorsements that have supercharged fundraising for nonprofits serving military members. The piece is part of a larger look at how Mr. O'Reilly's reach extends beyond his television show. See a Chronicle report on new frontiers in celebrity philanthropy.

Change in Giving Patterns Hits Twin Cities United Way: Facing a $6 million shortfall in 2016 revenue, the charity is warning Minneapolis-St. Paul nonprofits it supports of impending funding cuts, the Star Tribune reports. CEO Sarah Caruso said fundraising has declined as more donors opt to give to specific charities rather than through United Way.

Is NEA "Welfare for Elites" or a Lifeline for Small Arts Groups?: Amid debate over President Trump's proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and conservatives' criticism of its spending, a Washington Post culture reporter travels across Indiana to see how small arts nonprofits there are using grant dollars from the federal agency.

Refugee-Aid Group Uses Stealth Ad to Reach Breitbart Readers: The stark advertisement purchased on the alt-right, anti-immigration news platform by medical charity Doctors of the World reads "They're all terrorists" but takes those who click on it to a site that highlights stories of Syrian refugees and urges visitors to "fight fake news," BuzzFeed News writes.