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April 17, 2017

Daily News Roundup: How a Boston Bombing Survivor Pays It Forward

Marathon Attack Survivor's Charity Helps Trauma Victims Rebuild Lives: After receiving a flood of donations to help pay for her recovery from serious injuries suffered in the 2013 Boston bombing, Brittany Loring and her family started the Brittany Fund for Trauma and Recovery to do the same for people dealing with traumatic events that don't make the news, The Boston Globe writes.

Post-Election Giving Buoys Pittsburgh Foundation: After seeing fundraising slacken through most of 2016, the community fund took in twice as much in the last two months of the year as in the previous November and December, with most contributions going into donor-advised funds, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Pittsburgh Foundation CEO Maxwell King said donors were "hesitating and holding off" before the vote amid concerns about tax policy and the markets' direction.

U.S. Charity Worker Held for 3 Years in Egypt Is Freed: A Cairo court acquitted Egyptian-American Aya Hijazi and her husband, Mohammed Hassanein, co-founders of the Belady Foundation, on child-abuse and other charges that human-rights groups said were fabricated as part of Egypt's crackdown on nonprofits with foreign ties, The Washington Post writes. The couple, whose charity cares for Cairo street children, spent three years in pretrial detention.

New Book Raises Call to Curb Megadonors' Influence: New York Times wealth columnist Paul Sullivan talks to David Callahan, author of The Givers: Money, Power and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age, who argues that billionaire philanthropists have attained too much sway over public policy without commensurate accountability. Read a recent Chronicle column by Mr. Callahan on the policy influence of philanthropic money.

Obituary: Billionaire Pittsburgh Donor Henry Hillman Dies at 98: With his late wife, Elsie Hillman, the publicity-shy technology and real-estate investor made numerous eight-figure gifts to support major science and medical institutions in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes.

Fundraiser Brings Distinctive Style to "Fund-a-Need" Auctions: Bloomberg profiles in-demand benefits auctioneer Abra Annes, who draws on a brash fashion sense, rigorous stage management, and experience as both a fundraiser for Jewish nonprofits and a cruise-ship entertainer to generate big bids at charity-gala auctions.