August 02, 2017

Daily News Roundup: Koch Fund Donation Prompts Concerns About Academic Freedom

Koch Foundation Gift Stirs Controversy at University of Utah: Dozens of faculty say the $10 million grant to start an economics and quantitative-analysis institute “raises serious concerns” about academic freedom. A letter being delivered to university officials charges that the foundation aims to build a network of professors that will advance it public-policy agenda.

Cambodian Leader Orders Shutdown of U.S. Charity That Fights Sex Trade: Prime Minister Hun Sen claimed the California-based Agape International Missions widely exaggerated the extent of sex trafficking in the country. The New York Times reports that the Cambodian government also announced a police investigation of Agape.

PBS CEO Warns That Federal Cuts Will Sink Some Stations: Paula Kerger told television critics that stations in rural and underserved areas would be most affected by the Trump administration’s proposed reductions in the $450 million spent on public broadcasting, according to the Associated Press.  

Student-Loan Forgiveness Guarantees Questioned for Thousands, Including Nonprofit Employees: The U.S. Department of Education on Monday signaled that a company managing a loan program for public-service workers may not have accurately described the terms for debt relief, according to The Washington Post.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Turns Over Ancient Vase Possibly Looted From Italy: The Manhattan district attorney had issued a warrant for the Greco-Roman terra-cotta vessel, which dates to 350 B.C., NPR reports. It’s believed the vase was illegally excavated from a grave in southern Italy sometime after 1970.

Charities Help War Veterans Find Peace Through the Outdoors: The New York Times reports on several new nonprofits that take former soldiers on cross-country treks by foot, boat, bicycle, and even wheelchair.

Correction: An earlier version of this post failed to identify NPR as the source of the linked article on the Metropolitan Museum of Art.