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November 14, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Trump Tax Policies May Curb Giving Incentives for Rich

Trump Tax Plans Would Restrict Benefits for Big Gifts and Bequests: President-elect Donald Trump’s proposals on the estate tax and itemized deductions could reduce incentives for rich families to make large charitable gifts and instead encourage the preservation of dynastic wealth, tax and finance experts tell The New York Times. Read a Chronicle article about the financial implications for nonprofits of Mr. Trump’s victory and a column on other ways his agenda could affect charities, foundations, and endowments.

Newman’s Own Plays Up Giving to Lure Millennial Customers: Aiming to reach young adults who prize corporate social responsibility but may be unfamiliar with its late celebrity founder, Paul Newman, the food brand is launching a new marketing initiative that more strongly promotes its model of donating all profits to charity, writes The New York Times.

Much of Trump Transition Website Copied From Nonprofit's Site: Extensive passages of GreatAgain.gov, President-elect Donald Trump’s official government website, are duplicated word-for-word from the site of the Center for Presidential Transition, Politico reports. The center, a project of the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, compiles research and information on White House transitions.

Pioneer of Women’s Philanthropy Still Promotes Female-Focused Giving: The New York Times talks to Tracy DuVivier Gary, who earned the nickname “Janie Appleseed” for her four decades of work founding and advising organizations that tap wealthy female donors to support women’s and girls’ causes. Read a Chronicle story on women's growing giving clout and see our list of influential female philanthropists.

Fla. Fundraising Corps Pledges $50 Million for Cancer Research: The Pap Corps Champions for Cancer Research, a grass-roots group based largely in South Florida retirement communities, said it would raise the sum over the next decade to support Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, reports the Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale.

British Veterans Charity Sanctioned Over Fundraising Practices: Regulatory agency the Charity Commission ordered Support the Heroes to suspend solicitations and froze the group's assets after paid fundraisers for the organization were caught on camera telling prospective donors that they were volunteers, BBC News reports.