September 11, 2017

Daily News Roundup: Trump Tweets Support for Churches Seeking Disaster Aid

About Hurricane Relief

Trump Tweets Support for Texas Churches Seeking FEMA Money After Harvey; Lawsuits Already Filed (The Washington Post)

Why Some Hurricane Donations Won’t Be Used Until Spring 2018 (MarketWatch)

Former Presidents Band Together in Call for Disaster Relief Aid (Politico)

Opinion: Natural Disasters Call for Good Governance, Not Charity (The Nation)

In Other News

To Sell Themselves to Donors, Nonprofits Are Turning to the Marketing Pros (The New York Times)

Opinion: Why I Am No Longer Hosting My Charity's Event at Mar-a-Lago (Time)

Billionaire Paul Allen's Foundation Bankrolls Deep-Ocean Climate-Change Project With $4 Million (The Seattle Times)

Startups Are Finally Taking On Food Stamps (Wired)