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November 21, 2014

Debt at N.C. Civil-Rights Museum Prompts City Takeover Bid

A Greensboro, N.C., museum of the civil-rights movement owes $25.9-million to creditors and has little or no money on hand, writes the city's daily News & Record. The International Civil Rights Center & Museum's financial state prompted Mayor Nancy Vaughan, a member of the institution's board, to propose this week that it be folded into city operations,

The motion was tabled indefinitely by the museum's board and was criticized by the local NAACP. The museum—which commemorates a 1960 protest at a whites-only Greensboro lunch counter that drew national attention—received a $1.5-million city loan last year. In October, then-museum director Lacy Ward Jr. told a group of donors the facility had "no operating reserve," which a museum co-founder has disputed. Mr. Ward was fired by the board last week.