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September 09, 2016

Diller and Park Charity Win Court Round on Hudson Project

Billionaire media mogul Barry Diller and the Hudson River Park Trust cleared a legal hurdle Thursday in their plan to build an undulating 2.4-acre park and performance space on a Manhattan pier, reports The New York Times.

Upholding a lower-court decision, the state Appellate Division rejected arguments advanced in a hearing two days earlier by City Club of New York, a nonprofit civic organization that filed suit to block the project.

Mr. Diller has committed $130 million to build Pier 55 and established a nonprofit to operate it. City Club contends the Hudson River Park Trust, a partner on the project, did not adequately assess its environmental impact and approved it in a “secretive process.” The appellate court ruled that the “existing record indicates that the trust adequately considered the cumulative impacts of the Pier 55 project.”