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August 23, 2010

Donations for Pakistan Slowly Rise to Just Over $10-Million

AFP/Asif Hassan

Pakistani flood survivors stand in a queue to get relief food, at a makeshift camp, in Sukkur on August 23, 2010.

Donations to help victims of the Pakistan floods have picked up slightly in the past few days as news-media attention of the disaster has increased.

But they still remain well below contributions after other large international disasters. Twenty-two U.S. aid groups have raised a total of $10.6-million to assist the estimated 20 million people affected by the floods; two-and-a-half weeks after the Haiti earthquake, 40 aid groups had brought in a total of $560-million.

Many international relief groups are not actively soliciting money for Pakistan because they don’t have programs in the country. But some nonprofits say the deepening crisis may lead them to get involved in the days and weeks to come.

For example, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee has been directing interested donors to other charities, including Barakat, a small Boston group that has projects in Pakistan. But now the Unitarian group is rethinking its decision not to raise money and may craft an appeal for Pakistan, says Dick Campbell, a spokesman.

Others unveiling new appeals include the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, a network of Muslim donors, which today announced a fund to raise money for the disaster.

Some groups report that their response will be more costly than first anticipated. Islamic Relief USA recently increased its fund-raising goal to $4-million. The group has so far raised $2-million in cash donations, the most of any U.S. charity.

Nonprofit officials say donations continue to come in.

“It’s almost mimicking how a flood works,” says Joy Portella, a spokeswoman for Mercy Corps. “It’s a slow build.” Still, she says, it is “nothing like Haiti numbers.”

Among the fund-raising results:

  • ActionAid’s U.S. office has raised $18,459. Globally, the group has raised about $2.3-million.
  • Adventist Development and Relief Agency has raised $34,720.
  • American Red Cross has raised $1.3-million.
  • AmeriCares has received $90,000 for its Pakistan fund, as well as $1.2-million in medicines and medical supplies.
  • Barakat has raised $5,700 from U.S. donors and $3,218 from outside the United States.
  • Brother’s Brother Foundation has received $1,700. The group is not actively fund raising because it doesn’t have projects in Pakistan but is working with the group Life for Relief and Development.
  • Catholic Relief Services has received $674,068.
  • CHF International has received $1,500, although it is not actively fund raising, and plans to focus on rebuilding, not immediate relief efforts.
  • Church World Service has raised $289,200, as well as $59,563 worth of supplies.
  • Concern Worldwide’s U.S. office has raised $25,744.
  • Direct Relief International has received $53,000.
  • Doctors Without Borders has taken in $600,000.
  • International Relief and Development has received $69,670, as well as $2.2-million worth of products.
  • International Rescue Committee has received $1.17-million, of which about $119,000 came from individual donors.
  • Islamic Relief USA has raised more than $2-million and $23-million worth of supplies.
  • Life for Relief and Development has received $50,000.
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation has received $89,700.
  • Mercy Corps has raised $769,000, of which $534,000 came from individual donors.
  • Operation USA has received $4,000.
  • Relief International has raised $149,692.
  • Save the Children has raised $438,000, $135,000 of which came from corporations.
  • U.S. Fund for Unicef has received $1.22-million.
  • World Vision’s U.S. office has raised $483,000.