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March 14, 2016

Donations to Wounded Warrior Project Slow After Spending Scandal

Since Wounded Warrior Project chief executive Steven Nardizzi and chief operating officer Al Giordano were fired by the board on Thursday, donations to the group have fallen, The New York Times reports.

In an email to big donors, a fundraiser for the organization, Fred Kane, criticized the group's leaders and said Mr. Nardizzi's failure to address the allegations publicly "shows a total lack of regard for the mission, the alumni, the employees, proud supporter organizations and the thousands of other individual and corporate donors." Mr. Kane said he had canceled his own contributions and encouraged other donors to do the same.

According to the Times, Mr. Giordano said a public-relations firm advised the charity's executives to remain quiet to defuse criticism. Nonprofit experts told The Chronicle that the charity should deal with accusations of mismanagement head on.

John Melia, the charity’s founder, says he is interested in returning to the organization. He left in 2009 after a dispute with Mr. Nardizzi and Mr. Giordano.