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August 23, 2012

Donors Keep Detroit Recreation Centers Afloat After Budget Cuts

A newly created trust has secured pledges of $15-million to keep Detroit's recreation centers operating through a period of slashed city spending, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Foundation and corporate gifts along with $3-million in Community Development Block Grant funds will help pay for three years of swimming, football, and other programs at the centers, after which time the city hopes to be in sufficient financial health to again fully fund the facilities, Mayor Dave Bing said in announcing the partnership Wednesday.

Mr. Bing said he has been reaching out to private donors over the past year to offset a 43 percent cut in the city Recreation Department's budget, which has dropped from $18-million to $10-million.

The city will continue to spend about $10-million a year on the centers, mainly on building upkeep. Donations to the Detroit Recreation Trust will be put in the hands of a registered charity and used only for programming.