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February 09, 2015

Editor’s Note: Updates to the Philanthropy 50

After The Chronicle printed and mailed its February 12 issue, which contains our annual Philanthropy 50 rankings, we learned that Bill Gates had recently filed a federal Securities and Exchange Commission form disclosing a $1.5-billion donation of Microsoft stock in November.

That sum was larger than any other donor gave in 2014, so we adjusted all the rankings and analysis to include the gift Bill and Melinda Gates made to their foundation. All figures have been adjusted in the online edition and should be considered the definitive version of our findings.

The change in the findings reinforced the dominance of the tech industry we reported to subscribers who receive our print and digital editions: Twelve donors who made their fortunes in technology are on the list, more than any other source of wealth. The change did affect the growth rate in donations from the Philanthropy 50: Giving rose by nearly 28 percent among America’s most generous givers.

The Chronicle had previously been in touch with the Gates foundation in preparation of the list and had been told that the Gateses could not release figures in time for our report. However, late last week a spokesman confirmed the stock transfer, so we were able to include it.

We regret any confusion caused by the discrepancy between the print and online versions.

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Stacy Palmer, editor, The Chronicle.