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June 02, 2015

Emails Show Shell Oil's Suggestions for Museum's Climate Program

Oil company Shell attempted to influence a program on climate change it sponsored at London's Science Museum out of concern that it would provide fodder to climate advocacy groups, The Guardian writes, citing company emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In one May 2014 communication, the firm raised concerns with museum officials that one element of the climate program "creates an opportunity for NGOs to talk about some of the issues that concern them around Shell's operations." The firm also wanted to ensure that a symposium at the museum was invitation-only so "we do not proactively open up a debate on the topic."

British climate campaigners have protested cultural institutions' ties to fossil-fuel companies. Museum director Ian Blatchford said it is typical for a sponsor to raise questions or make suggestions about programs it is funding but that "not a single change to an exhibition resulted from these email exchanges."