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June 23, 2015

Ex-CNN Host Plans Education-Focused Nonprofit News Site

Anchorwoman-turned-education activist Campbell Brown will launch a nonprofit online journalism venture next month to report on school-reform efforts, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Ms. Brown, a former CNN personality who left the network in 2010, said the Seventy Four — named in reference to the 74 million children in U.S. classrooms — is nonpartisan but will not shy away from advocacy.

The Seventy Four, set to launch July 13 with an annual budget for $4 million, has received financial backing from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Walton Family Foundation, and other proponents of charter schools. Like charter backers, Ms. Brown has come in for criticism from the teachers' union over her reform agenda, including a high-profile push to remake tenure rules in New York.

"There are a lot of entrenched interests that are standing in the way of some the best possibilities for innovation," she told the Journal. "We want to challenge and scrutinize the powers that be."