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September 30, 2015

Facebook Bans Blindness Charity's Ad as Too Negative

Facebook has rejected a British nonprofit's video advertisement calling for sight-loss advisers in hospitals, saying the clip transgresses the social media site's policy of displaying only "neutral or positive" ads, according to The Guardian.

The spot by the Royal National Institute of Blind People features a woman becoming teary-eyed after being told she will go blind. "You’ll fear for your job, your home, your life. ... You’ll see everyone losing their sight needs the right support," a narrator says. It has been viewed more than 50,000 times on the charity's YouTube channel.

The organization submitted the clip to Facebook's advertising team, which refused to clear it to play on the social network. A team member told the institute that under the site's guidelines, ads "should not single out individuals or degrade people. ... Instead, text must present realistic and accurate information in a neutral or positive way and should not have any direct attribution to people." Natasha Dickinson, head of marketing and communication for the charity, said, "We're still not sure what we've really done wrong here."