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December 15, 2015

For-Profit Fundraisers Keep 46% of Calif. Donations, Says Report

New figures from the California attorney general's office show that solicitation firms pocketed nearly half of the money they raised on behalf of nonprofits last year, the Orange County Register reports. California charities received $371.9 million of the $687.7 million collected for them in 2014 by commercial fundraisers, a 54 percent share.

The proportion roughly matched that in 2013 and marked an improvement from 2012, when nonprofit clients got about 37 percent of funds raised by commercial solicitors. But the Register writes that the gain is largely attributable to the emergence of online-fundraising platform Network for Good: Groups that used its software raised $230.6 million last year and kept 97 percent. Taking that out of the equation, California fundraising firms returned 32.4 percent to charities, the newspaper says.