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February 10, 2016

Former Tyco CEO, Who Served Time in Prison, Appointed Chair of Prisoner-Assistance Nonprofit

Dennis Kozlowski, who served more than six years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from Tyco International, is the new board chairman of the Fortune Society, a nonprofit that helps former prisoners re-enter society, according to CBS News.

The Fortune Society serves 5,500 ex-prisoners a year who need help finding jobs, housing, health care, and education. 

Mr. Kozlowski, who was chief executive of Tyco, and the company's chief financial officer were convicted of collecting millions of dollars in unapproved compensation and by manipulating the company's stock value.

"I was fortunate where I had a support system and was able to have family and friends to help me land on my feet,"  said Mr. Kozlowski. "But most people don't have that, and most people need a lot of help."