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November 16, 2011

Fund-Raising Lessons From a Startup Nonprofit

Wednesday, Nov. 16, at noon U.S. Eastern time

Bryce Yukio Adolphson

Nyla Rogers (at right), is founding director of Mama Hope, an organization that works with communities in sub-Saharan Africa to fight poverty.

Nyla Rogers was born into a culture of giving. As a child, she worked with her mother in soup kitchens and helped her host fund-raising events for groups that helped small businessses get started in Africa.

When her mother died in 2006, Ms. Rogers decided to use her $35,000 inheritance for a good cause. That money allowed her to start a new organization, Mama Hope, which works in sub-Saharan Africa to fight poverty.

Since then, Mama Hope has helped more than 76,000 people in Africa. And in three years, high-school and college students trained by Ms. Rogers to raise money for the organization have collected more than $500,000.

Below is the transcript of a live online discussion with Ms. Rogers about what she's learned as a nonprofit leader. The discussion is hosted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Bolder Giving, an organization that works with philanthropists.

Ms. Rogers will also join Bolder Giving for a free teleconference on Thursday, November 17, at noon U.S. Eastern time.