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October 09, 2014

Fundraising Start-Up Makes Hashtag a Shortcut to Giving

An online charity fundraising firm launched this week will allow users to donate to participating nonprofits simply by including a particular hashtag in a Twitter or Facebook message, writes The Washington Post.

GoodWorld users submit their credit-card information to the Washington-based company with their first gift. After that, using the hashtag #donate in a tweet with the recipient's Twitter handle, or in a post on the charity's Facebook page, will automatically trigger a gift. The company takes 7 percent of donations.

Seven charities have signed on with GoodWorld so far. Founder Dale Pfeifer said the service simplifies online giving by eliminating the forms and click-throughs that may prevent some people from following through on an urge to donate. "With online giving people were seeing things and feeling the emotion but had to take like eight steps to go and do it," she said.