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May 20, 2015

GOP Call Grows for IRS Investigation of Clinton Foundation

Dozens of House Republicans have added their names to a call for an Internal Revenue Service review of the Clinton Foundation's tax-exempt status, Reuters reports.

A letter circulated by Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn and signed by 51 other GOP lawmakers asks that the IRS weigh whether the foundation is "acting within the scope of its charitable mission."

The move follows a flurry of news reports focusing on the charity's transparency and its fundraising from foreign sources during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state. The GOP letter cites the foundation's admission that it erroneously filed tax returns that did not separately disclose millions of dollars in funding from governments and notes donations from corporate and foreign entities that had business with the State Department.

Ms. Clinton, who has said little publicly about the controversies since announcing her presidential campaign last month, told reporters in Iowa Tuesday she is "so proud of the foundation. It attracted donations from people and organizations around the world and I think that goes to show that people are very supportive of the life-saving and life-changing work it has done."