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July 06, 2016

GOP Congressman Targets Foreign Donations to Foundations

A Republican congressman is sponsoring legislation that would bar foundations with ties to former public officials from accepting gifts from individuals linked to foreign governments, Roll Call reports. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s bill, introduced late last month, would apply the ban permanently to nonprofits led by former presidents and vice presidents and cover other officials such as Cabinet officers and federal judges for 20 years after leaving office.

Republicans have homed in during the presidential campaign on the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising from foreign governments, arguing that the charity’s relationships created conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and would do so again if she becomes president. Ms. Clinton joined the foundation after leaving the Obama administration in 2013 but stepped down in April 2015 as she began her White House run.

The Gohmert bill does not name the foundation or the presumptive Democratic nominee but is titled the Clinton Act, an acronym for Contributions Legally Interdicted From Noncitizens to Our Nonprofits. “The corruptive influence of foreign money on our elected officials is evident, and we need to close this loophole,” the congressman said in a written statement.