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January 07, 2015

Gates Foundation Enlists Artists to Promote Vaccination

In the run-up to a January 27 fundraising meeting of the global vaccine alliance Gavi, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is embarking on an online campaign using art to encourage immunization, reports The New York Times.

The effort launches Wednesday with a website called the Art of Saving a Life featuring vaccine-related works by prominent visual artists, writers, and bands, including photographers Annie Leibovitz and Sebastião Salgado and Oscar-winning filmmaker Luc Jacquet, which the foundation hopes will be spread on social media, generating dialogue and donations.

Some images will be displayed at the Gavi conference in Berlin, where the alliance aims to secure $7.5-billion from donors to fund its next phase of development. Dr. Christopher Elias, head of the Gates foundation's global development program, said that if successful the art effort could serve as a model for other projects.