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February 23, 2016

Gateses Make Media Rounds to Promote Latest Causes

Making the media rounds in connection with the release of their latest annual letter on philanthropy, Bill and Melinda Gates talked up their top priorities for 2016, respectively developing clean energy and improving the lives of women worldwide.

Ms. Gates talked to The New York Times about focusing in the letter on the "time poverty" of unpaid work such as child care and household shopping that is overwhelmingly done by women. "This is one of those root inequalities that exist all over in society and we just don’t talk about it very much," she said. In an interview with Fox News, she discussed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's response to the Zika virus outbreak.

Mr. Gates focused on energy and climate change in conversations with Tech Insider and Marketplace, outlining several potential paths to the "clean energy breakthrough" the letter predicts will take place within 15 years. He also talked to Wired about the foundation's green efforts, and offered his thoughts on the 2016 election and Beyonce's dropping his name in her new single, "Formation."