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November 10, 2014

'Give 0.7’ Uses Old Video Clips and U.N. Goals to Buoy Charity

A video campaign launched Thursday urges viewers to contribute 0.7 percent of their income to charity, matching the proportion of gross national product the United Nations calls on countries to earmark for foreign aid, Newsweek writes. The "Give 0.7” effort, conceived by a pair of British graphic designers, features a video lasting 10 minutes and 5 seconds—representing 0.7 percent of the day—made up of clips from movies, TV shows, and events that link thematically to the U.N.'s eight Millennium Development Goals to reduce global poverty.

The effort was inspired by Britain becoming the first of the G8 industrialized countries to meet the 0.7 percent foreign-aid goal, which it did last year, generating currency for the figure in the media. "We thought it would be nice to make a film to engage people who wouldn't normally engage in topics of aid and development … and we thought if we apply the 0.7 percent target to the length of the film, it worked out quite nicely," said campaign co-founder Jack McPartland.