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April 15, 2016

GiveDirectly to Provide 'Basic Income' for Poor in Kenya

GiveDirectly, a nonprofit that gives money to the poor in Kenya and Uganda, will test the concept of a basic income — an approach to welfare that promises guaranteed, unconditional money just for being alive — by giving 6,000 Kenyans sustained cash to meet essential needs over 10 years, Vox reports. The nonprofit’s effort, which is set to start at the end of this year, is perhaps the first universal basic-income experiment. 

The organization will randomly select dozens of villages to receive the payments, which are expected to range from 7 cents to $1.10 per person per day. It expects consumption and work patterns to change as a result.

Those villages that do not get grants will serve as control groups.

The organization has brought on MIT economist Abhijit Banerjee, co-founder of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, to run tests. GiveDirectly would like to continue the project beyond 10 years and is hoping to raise $30 million in initial capital.