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August 08, 2016

Giving Group Courts Rich Women for Skills as Well as Money

A New York Times financial columnist looks at the Maverick Collective, a women-centered philanthropic project that asks participants to give time and expertise as well as money to social causes.

Members of the Maverick Collective must commit three years of active work addressing a social problem along with at least $1 million in cash, Paul Sullivan notes in his Wealth Matters column. The hands-on involvement appeals to donors like Pam Scott, a marketing consultant who said she wanted to "give away some of the services that I’d been paid well for by companies” like Nike, Levi’s, and American Express.

The column focuses on Ms. Scott and her work on a project to reduce teenage pregnancy in Tanzania. Maverick, an offshoot of global family-planning and health nonprofit Population Services International, reverses the usual nonprofit approach of crafting programs and soliciting money for them, seeking instead to involve donors in planning and implementing solutions, Mr. Sullivan writes.

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