March 14, 2011

Giving for Japan Disaster Totals at Least $24-Million

Early donation totals are starting to come in from charities that are raising money to aid victims of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan.

Among them:

  • The American Red Cross had raised approximately $19-million as of Monday afternoon Eastern time. Text-message contributions accounted for $1.6-million of that total.
  • Catholic Relief Services had raised $450,000 as of Monday afternoon.
  • Give2Asia raised $33,500 for relief efforts over the weekend.
  • International Medical Corps so far has raised $11,830 via text message.
  • International Rescue Committee so far has received $25,000, which it will give to Japanese charities that are providing immediate relief. The organization has an emergency team on standby ready to assist if needed.
  • Mercy Corps had received $600,000 as of Monday afternoon.
  • The Salvation Army had received more than $980,000 by Monday afternoon. Of that total, more than $68,000 came in via text message.
  • Save the Children had raised $2.5-million in the United States as of Monday morning. Of that total, $15,000 came in via text message. Branches of the charity in other countries have raised $500,000 more for relief efforts.
  • World Vision U.S. had received $848,000 as of Monday morning. Text-message donations totaled $8,200.

Not all aid groups are raising money for the disaster.

  • CARE USA and Oxfam America report they are still determining how they will respond to the disaster and are not actively raising money for relief efforts. Oxfam, however, will accept donations designated for the crisis.
  • Doctors Without Borders is not accepting donations designated for the disaster in Japan. The organization has sent assessment teams to the region but is paying for those efforts with unrestricted funds.