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November 10, 2011

Grand Canyon Bottle Ban Dropped After Talk With Coca-Cola

The country's top parks official reversed plans to ban the sale of disposable water bottles at the Grand Canyon after discussions with Coca-Cola, which has given more than $13-million to the National Park Foundation, according to The New York Times.

A National Park Service spokesman said the agency's head, Jon Jarvis decided "to put [the bottle ban] on hold until we can get more information. … This is a process, and we are at the beginning of it."

Stephen P. Martin, the ranking Park Service official at the Grand Canyon, said he was told shortly before the ban was to take effect last January 1 that Coca-Cola, which distributes Dasani bottled water, had registered concerns with the National Park Foundation.

Foundation President Neil J. Mulholland said a Coca-Cola representative contacted him to ask about the reasons for the ban and how it would be implemented but that the firm did not overtly object to the proposal or suggest "that "if this ban happens, we’re losing their support."

A Coca-Cola spokesman said the company favors efforts to reduce plastic waste by boosting recycling programs rather than banning bottles.