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April 02, 2015

Head of Jeb Bush-Allied Nonprofit Says It Might ID Donors

The founder of a new nonprofit set up to promote likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush's policy proposals said the group will not do political advertising on Mr. Bush's behalf and may decide to disclose its contributors, reports The Washington Post.

"We believe in transparency, so depending on how this turns out, I believe eventually that'll be the case," Bill Simon, head of Right to Rise Policy Solutions, said of the prospect of donor identification.

Mr. Simon, a former Walmart CEO and a member of Mr. Bush's cabinet during his tenure as governor of Florida, established the 501(c)(4) group in Arkansas in February. The organization, described by Mr. Simon as a "policy think tank," shares a name with two political-action committees for which Mr. Bush has been raising money in anticipation of a White House run.

Nonprofits with 501(c)(4) status are not bound by contribution limits or disclosure requirements, as are PACs. Two people now working with Mr. Bush helped establish similar groups last year that were closely aligned with individual politicians, spending millions of dollars on behalf of Republican Senate candidates in Kentucky and Oklahoma.