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December 21, 2015

Hedge-Fund Mogul Works to Make Companies More 'Just'

The New York Times looks at hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones's nonprofit Just Capital, which aims to reduce income inequality and address other social problems by ranking big corporations on social responsibility. Mr. Jones is teaming with self-help author Deepak Chopra to lead Just Capital, which the finance mogul unveiled earlier this year.

Mr. Jones, who also founded anti-poverty charity the Robin Hood Foundation, has argued that "shareholder hegemony" — the principle that satisfying investors is a firm's top responsibility — has exacerbated the wealth gap, and that one solution is to monitor companies' social and environmental policies and treatment of employees as well as profits and stock price. The Times article details the origins of Just Capital and ways its mission mirrors other socioeconomic trends, such as the growth of impact investing.