May 24, 2010

Help Us Build the Ultimate Philanthropy Bookshelf

If you were to give one book to an aspiring nonprofit leader, board member, or donor, what would it be?

Ever since it was founded in 1988, The Chronicle has been publishing summaries of notable new books about the nonprofit world.

The sheer number of those book announcements would surprise even the best-read nonprofit leader.

So we're asking for your help in wading through the stacks to find the very best—and we're going to rely on social networks to help us do it.

We've started discussions on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to collect your nominations for what should be included in the ultimate philanthropy bookshelf. We'll collect those submissions and from them, we'll create a new Web feature that spotlights your favorites.

To follow the conversation on Twitter, simply search for the hashtag #philanthropybooks.

If you don't want to limit your submissions to 140 characters, please join The Chronicle's groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and participate in the conversation there.

You're also welcome to post comments at the end of this post to share your ideas.