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December 07, 2015

High Court Denies Donor Confidentiality to Planned Parenthood Attack Group

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected an emergency appeal for donor confidentiality by the California antiabortion group that produced secretly recorded videos about Planned Parenthood's fetal-tissue program, the Los Angeles Times writes. Justice Anthony Kennedy denied the request by the Center for Medical Progress to keep secret its list of key supporters, leaving in place a Nov. 20 lower-court order that the group disclose information related to its infiltration of National Abortion Federation meetings.

The federation has sued the center, alleging its members got into the meetings by lying about themselves and falsely promising to keep the proceedings secret. James Bopp Jr., a free-speech and antiabortion advocate representing the center, said requiring disclosure of its supporters would violate their First Amendment right of association.

The center's leader, David Daleiden, has detailed ruses the antiabprtion group used to gain access to Planned Parenthood officials and document what it claims is illegal profiteering from fetal organs. Planned Parenthood has denied the allegation, saying it donates such tissue for medical research in compliance with federal law, and contends the center's videos were deceptively edited.