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January 28, 2016

Hillary Backers Fear Collision Course With Clinton Foundation

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation is examining whether to scale back its activity in 2016 as the presidential election campaign heats up, according to Politico. Citing interviews and internal documents, Politico reports that top backers of Hillary Clinton's White House bid are privately grumbling that the foundation's fundraising and high-profile meetings are competing for donors' attention and keeping former President Bill Clinton off the campaign trail.

Those supporters are reportedly pressing the foundation to suspend its signature Clinton Global Initiative events during the primaries and in the run-up to the general election. The foundation has commissioned a study on how to improve the showcase the gathering, held in New York in September, but it said there are no plans to alter a schedule that also includes major Manhattan meeting shortly before the New Hampshire primary and a CGI America gathering in June, a month before the Democratic Convention. The foundation's interatction with foreign donors and governments during Ms. Clinton's tenure as secretary of state has also become a campaign issue.

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