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June 06, 2016

How Nonprofits Should Comply With New Federal Overtime Rules

New federal rules that make more employees eligible for overtime pay take effect in December, but a lot of nonprofit employers are confused about how to comply.

Under the new rule, organizations must pay overtime to full-time, salaried workers who earn up to $47,476 a year. Previously, only people who earned up to $23,660 were eligible for overtime pay.

The Department of Labor, which issued the rules, will hold a special free online session Tuesday for nonprofit managers.

Here are other resources to help nonprofits understand the rules:

Department of Labor

"Guidance for Nonprofit Organizations on Paying Overtime Under the Fair Labor Standards Act"

"Overtime Final Rule and the Nonprofit Sector"

Independent Sector

"Overtime Rules for Nonprofits, Part 1?" (archived webinar)

"Overtime Rules for Nonprofits, Part 2" (archived webinar)

Council on Foundations

Regulation Overview

"Implementation Options"

National Council of Nonprofits

Regulation Overview

"Knowns, Unknowns, and Options on the Overtime Final Rule"

State Map of Automatic Applications of Overtime Rules

Venable (law firm)

"Compensable Time? What Nonprofits Need to Know Regarding Their Non-Exempt Employees"

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