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August 09, 2016

How to Find More Details on Charity Finances, Salaries, and Leadership

If you'd like more information beyond what's included in our guide to reading the 990, visit the links below for more information about individual nonprofits, including a number of places to find individual organization's tax forms.

GuideStar: Gathers information about nonprofits and makes it available to the public, including the forms charities file with the Internal Revenue Service. 

ProPublica: Has a searchable database of financial information from nonprofits’ IRS filings as well as other data, such as total revenue of nonprofits in each state.

IRS nonprofit forms and instructions: Links to all nonprofit forms and schedules.

The Chronicle of PhilanthropyAlong with daily coverage of tax, finance, and other issues affecting the nonprofit world, The Chronicle produces several annual special reports packed with data on giving and revenue:

  • Philanthropy 400: A report on the nonprofits that raise the most in private donations
  • Philanthropy 50: A report on the donors who give the most to nonprofits, including information on their sources of wealth, top recipients, and more
  • Corporate Survey: A report on corporate gifts to nonprofits, including a searchable database that shows cash and products, total donations, and other information
  • Foundation Survey: A report on the wealthiest foundations, their assets, and their grant making
  • Fundraiser Salary Survey: Top earners, trends, and more.
  • Nonprofit Salary Survey: A report on executive pay at charities and foundations.