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February 06, 2015

IRS Chief Wary of 2016 Impact for Nonprofit Politicking Rules

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen says the agency does not have a set timeline to pursue new restrictions on nonprofit groups' political work and is guarding against the appearance of influencing next year's presidential election, Bloomberg writes. "It's not clear when we're going to be able to get to it," he told reporters after testifying Tuesday before the Senate Finance Committee.

Mr. Koskinen noted the myriad steps the IRS must go through to implement new guidelines, including periods for public comment, revisions, and adjustment by affected organizations. "My only focus on 2016 is to make sure that whatever we do, it doesn't look like we're trying to influence the 2016 election," he said, but added that the agency is committed to new rules that would add clarity to the current "mushy, kind of unknown process" for regulation of nonprofits' electoral activity.