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August 19, 2015

Ice-Bucket Money to Fund Gene-Mapping of ALS Patients

The ALS Association will invest $3.5 million of the $115 million it raised via last year's ice-bucket challenge in a project to map the genes and clinical traits of 1,500 people with ALS, Bloomberg reports.

Massachusetts biotech firm Biogen and Columbia University Medical Center will collaborate on the effort aimed at finding treatments for the degenerative nerve disorder also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Tim Harris, a Biogen senior vice president, said the mapping could help researchers uncover much a person's genes contribute to the likelihood of contracting the disease and the speed at which it progresses. The ALS Association has committed $77 million of the ice-bucket windfall to drug research. The viral campaign, in which people posted videos of themselves being doused with freezing water and challenged others to do the same, became an internet sensation last summer.

Read a Chronicle of Philanthropy article about the ALS Association's efforts to follow up on the last year's ice-bucket success.