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August 21, 2014

Ice-Bucket Torrent Reaches $8.6-Million in a Day and Douses Ex-President

The flood of "ice-bucket challenge" donations to fight Lou Gehrig's disease reached a new crest Wednesday as the ALS Association reported taking in $8.6-million over a 24-hour period, Time writes.

The huge one-day leap in giving brought the charity's total collections since July 29 to $31.5-million, more than 16 times its take in the same period last year. Among those taking the plunge was former President George W. Bush, who challenged predecessor Bill Clinton to do the same, reports USA Today.

The viral fundraiser in which participants dare others to drench themselves and/or donate $100 to the fight against the degenerative nerve disease has also spread to China, where national health authorities have endorsed it, the South China Morning Post reports. One of Britain's biggest medical charities, Macmillan Cancer Support, has adopted an ice-bucket challenge for its own benefit, and its associated hashtag, prompting a debate over the ethics of re-purposing another group's social-media campaign, according to The Guardian.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has asked principals at its schools not to encourage students to use the challenge to raise money for the ALS Association, reports The Cincinnati Enquirer. A spokesman said the archdiocese has no objections to the charitable dousing per se but that the association has funded research using embryonic stem cells, to which the Catholic Church objects.