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November 07, 2013

Iconic 'CARE Package' Reimagined in New Marketing Push

CARE USA, the American arm of the global relief group, is reintroducing its most iconic symbol, the CARE package, in a new marketing and fundraising effort aimed at emphasizing the long-term impact of its work, writes The New York Times.

Along with outdoor and print advertising, the campaign launching this month features an "experiential" component in which CARE boxes are installed at shopping centers and other busy sites. The visuals show items like light poles and crops emerging from the boxes, symbolizing tools such as electricity and agricultural help that the charity delivers to aid recipients. The packages' content checklists include terms like "skills," "livelihood," and "empowerment."

CARE started in the aftermath of World War II, delivering food and other staples to families in devastated parts of Europe. Tolli Love, vice president for fundraising and marketing at Atlanta-based CARE USA, said research showed the term "CARE package" still resonates with consumers, but in returning to its roots the charity sought to show that the packages are not "a handout" but a means to make help recipients become self-sufficient.