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October 17, 2014

Independent Publisher McSweeney's to Go Nonprofit

McSweeney's, the independent book and magazine publisher led by author Dave Eggers, announced plans Thursday to shift from a commercial to a nonprofit operation, The New York Times reports. Mr. Eggers said the switch will allow the imprint, launched 16 years ago as an outlet for quirky, commercially risky material, to be more ambitious in areas like poetry and foreign translations that are largely neglected by traditional publishers.

"Our goal is to exist and keep on publishing in whatever way is most viable, and for us that’s as a nonprofit," Mr. Eggers said. He said McSweeney's would seek to draw from a variety of money sources, including individual gifts, foundation grants, and crowdfunding. Mr. Eggers has been active in the nonprofit world, founding organizations like tutoring and literacy charity 826 National and Voice of Witness, which collects oral histories from survivors of war, natural disasters, and human rights crises.