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February 11, 2016

James Franco and Hollywood Charity Team Up on Nonprofit Studio

Actor-director James Franco and a charity backed by numerous Hollywood celebrities have jointly formed a nonprofit production house to make student and professional films, Variety reports. All proceeds generated by Elysium Bandini Studios will support the Art of Elysium, which brings artists and performers together with hospitalized children, the homeless, other people in need to collaborate on creative projects.

Mr. Franco has volunteered for more than a decade with the Art of Elysium, also a favorite cause of Eva Mendes, Johnny Depp, and other A-list industry figures. The new studio, operated by the charity and Mr. Franco's production company, Rabbit Bandini, has completed 14 films, most directed by students at university film schools where Mr. Franco has taught. "This is students and charity coming together to make their own thing, a new thing," the actor said. "Hopefully, it’s a model that can expand, and there can be others besides me who can take on these projects."